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CPAP Perscription Fulfilment

At Beechfield Sleep, our programme is dedicated to fully supporting you and other caregivers in managing patients suffering from sleep apnoea in the most effective and safe manner.

Diagnosing sleep apnoea and prescribing a treatment is just the beginning. The overall success of CPAP depends on acclimation and getting patients to start, comply with and continue therapy will depend on comfortable, easy-to-use and reliable equipment, education, training and regular feedback, along with a support network for the patient.

In addition to a broad range of treatment devices, masks and accessories, Beechfield Sleep also provides:

  • CPAP Perscription Fulfilment
  • Advice and education for patients and family members concerning the therapy.
  • Safety and maintenance information.
  • Home visits for assessment and adjustments.
  • Our adherence management programme which gives doctors and clinicians instant access to the patient’s entire treatment history to identify risk and compliance issues at an early stage and support long-term adherence.


Our sleep programme is designed to be as straightforward as possible to ensure a smooth transition to the CPAP treatment. We will remove as many barriers as possible, to ensure the patients successfully acclimatisation by actively involving and assisting patients, and this in turn will help them achieve optimum results.

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