For many CPAP users, humidification is an essential part of their therapy. The DreamStation Heated Humidifier allows owners of a DreamStation Plus or Auto machine to benefit from the additional comfort that humidification provides. The DreamStation Heated Humidifier provides all of the comforts you have come to expect from humidification, but with some extra technological improvements to make it more effective and user-friendly.

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Please note this humidifier is compatible with the DreamStation Auto CPAP Machine & DreamStation Pro CPAP Machine. This is not compatible with the DreamStation Go Auto Travel CPAP Machine.

The DreamStation Heated Humidifier features a unique "Adaptive" mode. Like most CPAP humidifiers, the DreamStation has various heat settings to choose between. However, with Adaptive mode, the DreamStation Heated Humidifier changes the settings automatically based on the atmospheric conditions. So whether it is a cold night or a balmy evening, the humidifier will provide the optimum level of humidification without any input required. Should you prefer to select the settings yourself then you always have the option of manual adjustment.

One of the most common causes of CPAP machine failure is water ingress from a humidifier into the main unit. Philips introduced Dry Box Technology in the System One range of CPAP machines, which is effectively an additional chamber between the CPAP machine and the humidifier to trap any moisture that may have escaped. It was incredibly effective and Philips have used the technology in the new DreamStation range, also. While we do not recommend filling the humidifier up and then shaking it about, you can travel with your DreamStation knowing that even if you forgot to empty the chamber that the machine has an effective extra layer of protection from water damage.

One problem with humidification that some CPAP user experience is condensation in the tubing. This is caused by the moisture from the humidifier cooling as it passes through the tube, condensing and then collecting in the tube and mask. This condensation is called "rainout". A heated hose helps to prevent the humidified air from losing temperature; ensuring the air is at the desired temperature when reaching the mask and reducing (or eliminating) rainout. The DreamStation Heated Hose is powered by the humidifier itself and therefore does not need an additional power supply. The temperature of the tube is also adjusted to match that of the humidifier for optimum performance. Please note that this Heated Hose is not included as standard and is an optional extra that can be added to your order here.

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Beechfield Sleep is an excellent company. They're reasonably priced and have a great range of products.

My patient manager Rosin is very well informed and provides a great back up service. She is always there at the end of the phone or to call out. I feel very safe with Beechfield Sleep.

Edel Gallagher

I am delighted with the CPAP machine from Beechfield Sleep. I have been using it for over a month and even after the first night of using it, I couldn't believe how well I slept. It's fantastic to wake up feeling well-rested & refreshed. Thanks for the demonstration and information, you explained everything perfectly and I felt very confident using it on the first night and thereafter. It's also great to have you at the other end of the phone if I've any questions or concerns.

Jenny Sheridan

Thank you so much for all your help. After years of feeling exhausted, it's great to wake up feeling like I've actually slept. I would like to pay special thanks to all the staff who really explained everything in detail and who have been at the end of the phone for my constant questions! They have shown unbelievable patience, especially in getting the right mask! Thanks again, this has been life-changing

Ronan Hackett