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Beechfield Sleep – Vision to dream.

Beechfield Sleep is a part of the Beechfield Healthcare Group, an Irish owned and run company who have been in business for over 25 years. Beechfield Healthcare provides quality healthcare products that patients recommend to their family and friends, Therapists prescribe for their patients and the HSE select for their clients. 

Beechfield Sleep offers a nationwide service from our offices in Portlaoise and Dublin, along with our locally based sales representatives and patient managers. We provide a wide range of devices and consumables to help patients undergoing CPAP therapy including CPAP machines, masks, mask parts and CPAP accessories. We have the largest range of CPAP masks and mask parts in Ireland and offer the most competitive CPAP machine rental prices.

Beechfield Sleep is the Irish distributors for Drive DeVilbiss. Established in the late 1880’s, DeVilbiss is a market-leader in CPAP therapy devices and has led the way in developing products that make breathing easier for millions globally. We also stock a wide range of CPAP masks and accessories from the top brands including Philips Respironics, Resmed, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare and Lowenstein Medical.

At Beechfield Sleep, we know that a good night’s sleep is essential for physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. There is no one size fits all solution to CPAP therapy as every individual is unique, and therefore every treatment plan needs to be tailored to the individual and their specific needs.

Aftercare and support is the difference between the success and failure of CPAP and we will be there for you every step of the way. From the moment you call Beechfield Sleep, you will experience first hand our superior and professional customer service.

Once you call us, we schedule an initial consultation with one of our patient managers in your home. During this appointment, we will discuss your sleeping patterns to help guide you towards the appropriate equipment. We have a wide variety of masks and accessories to make the treatment as comfortable as possible and maximise success. Once you have chosen a suitable mask, we will set the machine up to your prescribed settings.

The overall success of CPAP depends on acclimation and that is why you can contact us should you feel the machine or mask needs adjustment. We will also periodically contact you to address mask replacements or change the machine settings. Providing regular follow-up’s during your treatment will help not only help you adhere to your therapy but ultimately lead to a better long term outcome.

Our patient managers can also provide information and assistance on grants and payment schemes for your CPAP therapy. More information can also be found here.

Free Home Visit

At Beechfield Sleep, we believe a home visit is vital to determine what machine and mask will suit best. Our expert team of patient managers can visit you in the privacy of your own home, just call our helpline on 0818 989 353 or email and make an appointment.

By visiting the home, we can see the environment in which the machine will be used and we can also observe the sleeping position of our customers. This information is vital for our sleep specialists to make an informed recommendation.

Our tailored approach is designed to minimise the chances of a customer not acclimatising to the treatment. The first few days are vital for this acclimatisation as often a user gets despondent due to not feeling comfortable, and decides not to pursue the therapy. At Beechfield Sleep, we aim to minimise this risk by getting the user sleeping comfortably as soon as possible.

During our initial visit, our sleep specialists will determine the proper pressure setting for the machine and also demonstrate how to use and maintain the machine and mask. Choosing which mask suits best is primarily determined by the sleeping position. Different masks suit different sleeping styles and a mask that suits someone who sleeps on their back, may not suit someone who sleeps on their stomach. Likewise, a different style mask may be required if you are a side sleeper. At Beechfield Sleep, we work with our customers to find a comfortable mask.

Often, a second or third visit may be required to change the mask or adjust the machine. At Beechfield Sleep, this is all part of our superior customer service.