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CPAP therapy does not work well if we cannot breathe through our nose, or mouth if you use a full face mask. The nasal passage is highly vascular and lined with turbinates. When you have a cold or an allergy, the turbinates swell and this is what causes nasal congestion, or the dreaded stuffy nose. When the nasal lining is dry, it may trigger a sneeze which is the body’s way of returning moisture. Dry mouth or airway can trigger the natural production of secretions, such as mucous. This explains why some of us awaken with mucous in the mouth and throat and why some of us experience a runny nose from CPAP use despite not having a common cold or allergy issue. When we keep the nose and mouth adequately humidified, everything works nicely together to accomplish comfort in CPAP success.

Adding a CPAP Humidifier to your machine can make your CPAP therapy more comfortable. Nightly heated humidification is one of the most effective tools to complete your therapy and make the CPAP experience successful.